Addicted photographer: street, beach, documentary, surreal, b&w, graveyard.

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Life is so mysterious. The older I get the less I understand, and indeed I now believe that life is not fundamentally understandable. I have no memory of choosing to enter this life but I am delighted to be here. Life has treated me well and there has been much joy. But the journey has been hard at times, and how infinitely harder it seems to be for so many others. My reflections on life are at the heart of my photography.

I am an observer of life as well as a participator and photography is my passion that forces me to focus and intensify this observation. For me photography is a meditative activity. When I’m searching for the photographs, and then composing and capturing, I’m just here in the moment and all of the rest of life with its complexity, its joys and sorrows, falls away.

My photographs capture those intimate moments that might otherwise be lost. They record and comment on life and the context in which it is played out. They imply or suggest a story, a narrative. I intend that anyone that sees them be forced to pause, to reflect, to wonder, and to feel some emotion. I want my photographs to have impact and to say something about life itself and the world in which it is lived. There is so much beauty, there is so much ugliness, there is so much joy, there is so much suffering. There is the profundity, the banality, and everywhere the surreal and the mystery.

This is me as photographer and these are my photographs.