Addicted photographer: street, beach, documentary, surreal, b&w, graveyard.

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Graham Alexander
Born 1944 in Purley, Surrey, England

I have been based mostly in the UK but have also lived for periods in the USA. I am at present living in Margate, Kent, UK but am spending much of my life travelling.

The major part of my career was spent pioneering business and executive coaching in Europe and founding Europe’s market-leading business coaching company formerly The Alexander Corporation, now The Alexander Partnership.

I have always loved photography and started taking photographs at a young age. I continued doing this until the responsibilities of my family and my career meant that photography took a back-seat. Since those responsibilities have largely fallen away I have photographed very intensely and seriously for the last thirteen years.

I have won photography competitions, had interviews published, been featured as the lead Royal Photographic Society image, and as a Royal Photographic Society screen-saver, and have self-published 13 books. I was a patron of The Photographers’ Gallery in London, UK and am a Founding Patron of The Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, Kent, UK.

My purpose with my photography is to reveal aspects of human existence and its intimacies. I photograph people in the course of their daily lives, and their surroundings. I seek to capture the mystery, the joy, the sadness, the humour, the strangeness – in short, the enigma of life (that might otherwise be missed)I strive to photograph in memorable and impactful ways and thus to say things about life.